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High School Programs

Northville High School offers a comprehensive college-prep curriculum for students in grades 9-12. Students have many options including Honors, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate courses.

Northville High School was recently authorized as an IB Diploma Program school. The addition of IB DP courses provides increased opportunities for participation in college equivalent coursework and corresponding assessments that can earn college course credit.

Please see the links below from Rice University about these advanced programs in terms of college readiness:

If you have further questions about AP or IB courses at NHS, please contact your child’s guidance counselor or Dr. James T. Davis II, IB DP Coordinator at NHS at (248) 344-3800 ext 3994.

Testing Out

Middle school students please confirm with your counselor that you are signed up to test out of correct course.

Northville Board of Education Policy for Testing Out
The Northville Board of Education updated its policy regarding testing out in compliance with the Michigan Department of Education School Code and state directives.
The Northville Public Schools Board Policy regarding Testing Out reads:
The following policy shall apply to the Graduating Classes beginning in 2011
The Northville Public School District acknowledges that some pupils may have acquired knowledge or skills at levels that would allow them to demonstrate competency without taking specified courses or by successfully completing required high school courses in middle school. Furthermore, the School Code of Michigan has been amended to allow such students to request an opportunity to demonstrate competency. It is the intent of the Board to extend to all pupils the opportunity to demonstrate competency in the courses offered at Northville High School and to allow for the most efficient and effective use of instructional time.


Policy Statements:

  1. This policy will apply equally to all students at Northville High School.
  2. Credit will be granted when a student successfully tests out of a course. The class will be recorded as a credit on the student’s permanent transcript, however, it will not count toward the student’s grade point average (G.P.A.)

High School testing out applies to situations in which students demonstrate competency of MMC or CCSS course content expectations or guidelines and receive credit toward graduation for that specific course. A student enrolled in high school, but not enrolled in a particular course, may be granted credit in the course by demonstrating a reasonable level of mastery. Successful completion of the test-out exam is achieved by attaining an 77% or above for honors level courses and a C+ (77%) or above for regular education courses. A passing grade on the test will appear on the student’s transcript as a credit, but will not count towards the student’s GPA. Instead, the grade will be listed as “G”.

Please visit the Testing Out page on the Northville High School website