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Elementary ALPS Program

Alternative Learning Program for Students (ALPS)

The Alternative Learning Program for Students (ALPS) is designed to meet the unique educational needs of academically talented students. At the elementary level, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students are transported from their home school to attend Amerman Elementary School where they receive their entire academic instruction. Students learn the same Northville Board-approved curriculum as their peers. This includes both the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and math, and Grade Level Content Standards in science and social studies. ALPS provides classroom interaction with similar learning peers and employs the learning strategies as described above for other classrooms in Northville Public Schools. In the ALPS classrooms, there is less emphasis placed on instruction and more emphasis placed on the application of knowledge.

Advanced Program Entry

ALPS selection is based on a multitude of data points including NWEA (97th percentile), state testing, and an on-site assessment task. In-district parents will be notified in March if their student met the requirements. Families whom live within the Northville Public Schools boundaries, and their child attends a private or charter school, must fill out the application online. The Advanced Programming Committee will review all applications.
This form is for students who are currently not enrolled in Northville Public Schools or will be enrolled after April 1, 2024 and would like to be considered for placement into the ALPS program.
This form is for current Northville students in 3rd grade or above who would like to be considered for placement into the ALPS program.
This form is for current Northville students in 2nd grade who did not meet the initial requirements but would like to be reconsidered for placement into the ALPS program.

Appeal Process

This appeal, made to the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction must provide substantial evidence that a student will be successful in ALPS.
Requests must be received by June 24, 2024. Upon receipt of the appeal request, the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction will convene a review team which will be comprised of at least two other educators. The review team will meet by the end of July to review all appeals submitted to date. Appeals will not be accepted after June 24, 2024. Notification of the decision will be sent to the family within one week of the review team meeting. The decision of the Appeal Review Committee is final.
The following are suggestions for the appeal, which should be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services:
  • A letter from the family/caregivers clearly detailing their reasoning for desiring ALPS placement
  • A statement from the student detailing his/her reasoning for desiring ALPS placement.
  • Demonstration of the student’s aptitude and/or achievement in English Language Arts AND math. This should include products that the student has authored or created that demonstrates creativity and strong language skills.
  • Examples of the student’s work done through NPS or through an outside entity.
  • Performance through academic math competitions.
  • Classroom teachers will be contacted directly by the committee should the committee want more information regarding a specific student.
The appeal and the student’s compiled academic record will be reviewed. If deemed necessary by the Assistant Superintendent, a meeting with the family/caregivers will be held to gather additional information.
Criteria to consider
When considering the appeal, the committee will examine the following:
  • The information submitted to the Appeal Review Committee.
  • Was there reason to suspect that the student’s performance on standardized testing may have been negatively impacted by contextual factors: illness, emotional distress, inappropriate test administration, etc?
  • To what extent did the student fail to obtain testing scores that qualified him/her for ALPS? Was the gap broad? Was the gap across all tested areas or skills?
  • Did the student’s academic record suggest a consistent pattern of performance which is exemplary when compared to his/her peers?
  • Are there contextual factors that make the student a strong/weak candidate for advanced placement in both reading and math? Factors such as, but not limited to, the student’s ability to cope with increased rigor, work with ALPS peers, manage transition, etc.
  • Has the student appealed the decision in a previous year? If so, what is different this time?
This form is for students appealing to be considered for the ALPS program for the 2024-25 school year.