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Curriculum & Instruction


Our K-12 curriculum has the reputation for delivering a high degree of student achievement in the core academic standards in math, science, language arts, and social studies. Our curriculum offers both breadth and depth of understanding and offers clearly articulated K-12 connections with connections to real-world application. The Office of Instruction works closely with the Special Services Department to ensure all students are provided appropriate academic and behavioral interventions when concerns arise. At Northville we also believe that experiences in art, music, and physical education and extracurricular activities help make for a much more well-balanced student learning experience. Therefore, we are proud to offer one of the richest and most diverse program offerings in the entire State of Michigan.

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NPS K-12 Interactive Curriculum Storage Platform

Northville Public Schools is excited to release Atlas, the K-12 Interactive Curriculum Storage Platform, in phase one of Northville Schools Units of Study for public viewing.  This is a suggested scope and sequence for teachers.  Please note that educators have flexibility regarding course progression and timeline of the units.
Password: Mustang
For more information on accessing the platform, please view our more intensive Atlas Guide or the Atlas Tutorial on YouTube.

Teaching and Learning

Northville Public Schools is consistently recognized at both the state and national level for our tradition of outstanding academic excellence. Our District’s MSTEP scores are often in the top five in the entire State of Michigan. Additionally, Northville High School students PSAT and SAT performance consistently score well above state and national averages. This rigorous and relevant curriculum allows graduates of Northville Public Schools go on to study in some of the most prestigious universities in the world. The outstanding history of student success is the result of a multitude of efforts put forward by the students, staff, parents, and community of Northville.


The Office of Instruction is proud to support this process with Northville Public Schools. We partner very closely with the Northville parents and community and enjoy a number of corporate sponsors as well - all coming together with the outcome of supporting students in the classroom. 
In addition to supporting all of the testing, accreditation, curriculum, and material efforts with Northville Public Schools, the Office of Instruction supports state-of-the-art training and professional development for its teachers to ensure that all of our staff have the very best tools possible to provide the best learning experience for the students of Northville Public Schools.