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Northville public schools

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Our Vision

Advancing our Tradition of Excellence...
opening A World of Possibilities for all students

Our Purpose:
In partnership with students, parents, and all stakeholders, Northville Public Schools will create flexible, learner-centered school communities that advance learning and leadership within every learner while fostering the skills and dispositions necessary for success.

Our Vision:
All students will graduate from Northville Public Schools with the skills and dispositions necessary to maximize their potential as contributing members of a global society.

This is Our Story...

As Northville Public Schools prepares for 2015 and beyond, we seek to build on our strong Tradition of Excellence by forging a path forward that will open a World of Possibilities for our students as they navigate an increasingly interconnected and digitally-rich world. This is the story of how Northville Public Schools will equip every student with the skills and dispositions they will need to thrive in the 21st century world. 

Across the school district’s learning continuum, from early childhood through high school, we are deepening our focus on authentic learning opportunities that allow students to make connections between what they are learning in the classroom and real-world issues. The district is building a culture of student empowerment, along with enduring leadership principles that will ensure students are college- and career-ready in the 21st century world.