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Address Change Requirements

Documents Needed to Update or Change Address

If lease or own home 3 proof of residency documents are required.
  1. ONE document MUST be a signed lease, mortgage/property tax statement, Warranty Deed, Property Transfer Affidavit, Signed purchase agreement or Builder's letter with estimated occupancy date.
  2. TWO additional documents, such as: Utility bills (excluding water bill), Bank statement, credit card statement, employment record, auto/health insurance, IRS information. (Those with a signed purchase agreement, builder's letter or new lease will have 30 days after enrolling to provide these 2 additional proof of residency documents.)
If you are temporarily living with another family you must complete the Residential Affidavit {Shared Household) process.
  1. Complete the Residential Affidavit form (this form must be notarized)
    1. Homeowner must provide 3 proofs of residency as stated on the form
    2. Parent/Guardian must provide 2 additional proofs as stated on the form