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Advanced Programming

Northville Public Schools offers challenging programs for learners at all levels. Whether it’s in a regular classroom or an advanced class, the curriculum, instructors, and other students help provide challenging classroom opportunities. While all of the awards, accolades, and accomplishments of the Class of 2023 are too numerous to list, our Class of 2023 Graduate Profile includes:

  • 33 National Merit Semi-Finalists
  • 64 National Merit Commended students
  • 30 International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidates
  • 109 Cum Laude Graduates (GPA 3.0-3.49)
  • 165 Magna Cum Laude Graduates (GPA 3.5-3.79)
  • 241 Summa Cum Laude Graduates (3.8-4.0)
  • 268 President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Class of 2024 Graduate Profile
  • 27 National Merit Semi-Finalists
  • 38 National Merit Commended
  • 37 International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidates

Elementary Level

Regular Education Classroom

At the elementary level, teachers in the regular education classrooms employ different strategies to meet the educational needs of the learners. Strategies depend upon the goals for the group and needs of the learners. Some strategies include: cluster grouping where students with similar academic needs learn together for a specific subject area; differentiation which can affect materials, format, or rate of instruction; curriculum enrichment for students who demonstrate the need for additional challenge on a particular standard; and grade level math acceleration for students who demonstrate understanding of the standards within their current grade.

Alternative Learning Program for Students

The Alternative Learning Program for Students (ALPS) is designed to meet the unique, social, emotional, and educational needs of academically talented students in Grades 3, 4 and 5. ALPS provides classroom interaction with similar learning peers and employs the learning strategies as described above for other classrooms in Northville Public Schools. See Elementary ALPS Programs for additional information.

Middle School Level

Academic Resource

Academic Resource class serves the needs of qualifying students who need a more challenging enrichment option. The subject topics are derived from core curriculum: science, social studies, English language arts, and student interests. The class activities are more project oriented and focus on developing higher levels of thinking and problem-solving strategies. Students utilize research skills to interpret a variety of materials and then demonstrate learning in creative, divergent ways. Entry into this program is based upon qualifying scores from multiple data points.

Advanced Math Tier

Students in On-Level Math cover grade level Michigan K-12 Standards. Students in Advanced Math also cover Michigan K-12 Standards and will also dive deeper into critical thinking applications.

For current middle school students taking high school level courses, please refer to Board Policy 2305 concerning grading.

High School Level

Northville High School offers a comprehensive college-prep curriculum for students in grades 9-12. Students have many educational options including Honors, College Prep, Advanced Placement (AP), and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) courses.

Northville High School is an IB Diploma Programme school. The addition of IB DP courses provides increased opportunities for participation in college equivalent coursework and corresponding assessments that can earn college course credit.


Northville High School offers a comprehensive college-prep curriculum for students in grades 9-12. Students have over 200 educational options including many Honors, College Prep, Advanced Placement and Diploma Programme level courses.