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Progress Updates

NPS 2023 Bond Implementation Schedule
Thank you for helping us pass the 2023 Bond! This bond was an important measure for our district, and we are grateful for the strong support of our community in making it happen. This bond will provide the funds necessary for the district to make improvements to our schools and increase our capacity to provide a world-class education for all of our students. 
We have provided the NPS 2023 Bond Implementation Schedule, pictured above, to outline when and where projects are taking place. 
Status Update: April 2024
  • Technology:
      • New Chromebooks:
        We are thrilled to announce that our school district is taking a significant leap forward in integrating technology into our classrooms by adding 3,600 new HP Fortis 14 Chromebooks. This initiative is part of our commitment to providing students with the tools for testing and day to day learning. The new Chromebooks devices are designed to withstand the rigors of daily student use and will offer our children a robust platform for learning, collaboration, and creativity. With access to the latest educational apps and resources, the Chromebooks will enhance our curriculum and let students access these robust learning apps. We believe that this investment in technology will not only enrich our educational environment but also equip our students with essential 21st-century skills. We look forward to seeing our students thrive with these new learning tools.
        1,700 new chromebooks sitting in a warehouse
      • New Touchboards: 
        We are excited to announce that as part of our ongoing bond project improvements, all Promethean boards throughout the district will be replaced over the summer and into the fall. This upgrade will also include the installation of new and updated document cameras. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and will provide comprehensive training and support on the use of these new technologies. Our aim is to enhance the teaching experience with boards that are brighter, more responsive, and faster, eliminating the need for mounted projectors. 
  • Eight Mile Stadium
      • Demolition of the existing home and visitor bleachers has begun. Sitework and electrical work will continue on site in preparation of foundations for the new bleachers later this spring.
      • Video Update
  • Amerman Addition and Renovation 
      • Design team is working on an updated set of drawings that the construction company (Auch) will provide an estimate for. Over the next several months will be discussions over the design and bidding out the project.
      • Picture: Amerman Addition and Renovation rendering
  • NHS HVAC    
      • Design development drawings issued, project bidding will take place late 2nd quarter of 2024.
      • NHS Kitchen Make Up Air Unit installation scheduled for Summer 2024.
  • District-wide LED Lighting Upgrade 
      • Design work complete at Amerman, Moraine, Ridge Wood, Silver Springs, Thornton Creek, Winchester, and NHS.
      • Construction will begin late 2024, anticipated completion will be the end of 2025.
      • Lighting upgrade at Meads Mill will be designed and performed with the Meads Mill renovation project.
  • NHS Baseball and Softball Fields 
      • Contracts for the NHS baseball and softball turf project have been sent out.
      • Final storm water permit anticipated in 2nd quarter of 2024.
      • Construction to start late June 2024, with substantial completion end of 2024.
  • Meads Mill Addition and Renovation 
  • 2024 Playgrounds: Moraine, Silver Springs, Winchester 
      • Contracts have been sent out and design refinements are ongoing with building teams and vendors.
      • Installation planned for Summer 2024.
      • Picture: Playground rendering
  • 2024 Roofing 
      • Technology & Operations roofing scheduled for Spring 2024.
      • NHS and Amerman roofing scheduled for Summer 2024.
  • Technology 
      • Wireless Access Point project wrapping up.
      • District-wide fiber optic network upgrade out for bid.
      • Orders have been placed for district printer replacements and chromebook devices.
  • Schematic designs created for Amerman and Meads Mill Middle Schools (See below)
  • Eight Mile Stadium bleachers
    • Project awarded
    • Shop drawings underway
    • Construction scheduled to start in Spring 2024
  • Transportation paving to Eight Mile Road
    • Construction scheduled for Summer 2024
  • Moraine drainage - Phase Two
    • Project awarded
    • Construction scheduled for Summer 2024
  • Roofing at NHS, Amerman, and TechOps
    • Project going out for bid in October with anticipated contract awarded in November
  • Paving at TechOps
    • Project in design phase, with anticipated bidding late 2023
  • Playground Equipment: Silver Springs, Winchester, Moraine
    • Project in design phase, with anticipated bidding late 2023
  • NHS Baseball and Softball Turf
    • Project in design phase, with anticipated bidding late 2023
  • Interactive flat panel replacement
  • District-wide fiber optic network upgrade
Amerman Elementary School: Schematic Design
Amerman Elementary's Schematic Design was created by TMP Architecture and presented to the Board of Education on October 10, 2023. The proposed floor plan shows a new addition on the Southwest side of Amerman. This new addition would become the multi-purpose/cafeteria space along with a new music room across the hall and kitchen and servery space. The former multi-purpose room would transform into a media center. The former media center space would then become the STEAM room (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and Makerspace. This design was created to ensure a seamless transition into the new spaces that are planned beginning with the construction of the new multi-purpose/cafeteria space.
Meads Mill Middle School: Schematic Design
Meads Mill Middle Schools' Schematic Design was created by TMP Architecture and presented to the Board of Education on October 10, 2023. The schematic design shows that a new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) addition would be added to the south side of the building. The design will improve student circulation throughout the building by showcasing a main hallway from the Fish Bowl to the Gym/Cafeteria. Plus, a circulation area that will connect the current 7th grade classrooms in the E Pod, located in the southeast corner of the building, to the main corridors in a more seamless way. 
  • Negotiated professional agreements for architectural, design and engineering services
  • Sold 'Series One' of the bonds
  • Awarded wireless access point project
  • Began biweekly meetings with professional teams
  • Held four design meetings with Amerman and NPS Administration (pictured below)
  • Held four design meetings with Meads Mill and NPS Administration
  • Completed design and bidding for the stadium bleachers and transportation paving (Phase One)
Bond meeting