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Payment Information

How do students pay for lunch? 

NPS utilizes a computerized cash system to better serve students and parents as well as keep an accurate accounting system. All students have an account number which is their i.d. number given when registering for school. This i.d. number is theirs until they graduate. Money is deposited into accounts (in any amount) through MiStar ParentPortal, which may be accessed 24 hours a day, or by having the student bring a check or cash to school with them. Any money left in the account will be carried over to the next school year.  Please make checks payable to Northville Public Schools.
Secondary Level
At the secondary level, when the student scans their card at lunch time, the money is automatically deducted from their account for all lunch items. It is important that your student carry their card with them if they want to access their account. Cash is also accepted.


Elementary Level
At the elementary level, money may be deposited through MiStar ParentPortal, or by sending a check or cash (in any amount) to school with the student. Each elementary has a Specific Day to send in money for deposit; however, MiStar ParentPortal, may be accessed 24 hours a day. If there is no school on a payment day or your child is absent on payment day, money may be sent the day before or after. The money is deposited into their account before lunch and deducted after the student purchases lunch. Students choosing to purchase milk only or snack items in addition to lunch, MUST BRING CASH. At this time we are unable to deduct milk or snack items from the elementary lunch accounts.

Elementary Deposit Days
Thornton Creek - Monday
Amerman – Tuesday
Moraine – Tuesday
Ridge Wood – Wednesday 
Silver Springs - Thursday
Winchester – Friday

Is there a program to assist if a family is unable to afford lunch? 

Yes, if a family thinks they may be eligible for free or reduced priced lunches, complete a Free or Reduced Lunch Application and return to the Food Service department, located at Hillside Middle School. An application must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.  Please visit our Free & Reduced Lunch Program page for more information and application.

What happens if my child forgets his lunch or lunch money? 

At the elementary level, if a student forgets their lunch or lunch money, the student may order lunch and food service will supply it; however, repayment is expected following day. Payment for an IOU is accepted any day of the week.

How much taxpayer money is used to operate the School Food Service program? 

NPS Food Service program is a self sustaining operation. No funds from the NPS General Fund are used in the operation of the food service program. Food Service does receive partial reimbursement for “complete lunches served” from the federal government under the National School Lunch Program.

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