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Food Service Program

All student lunches are free

The USDA announced nationwide waivers which allow Northville Public Schools to provide students with free lunches during the 2021-2022 school year. 
If you have money in your student's lunch account and you are wondering what will happen to it this year because lunches are free below are your options:
  1. Leave it in their account they can use it for ala carte (High School and Middle Schools) or extra items (all schools.)
  2. Request the transfer funds to a sibling(s) who can use it. Some examples might be; if your student graduated or is going to graduate before using it all, elementary students who cannot use it for ala carte can be transferred to an older student who will use it.
  3. Request a refund check to be issued and mailed to you for the amount that remains in your student's account. If you have chosen a transfer or refund, please email Angie Aquinto at with your student's names that the funds will be transferred from and to, or the student's names that you want to be refunded.
  4. Parents can donate their students’ lunch account balance to a fund established to assist other students whose families have economic hardship or have been impacted financially by the pandemic.

Pre-K through Fifth Grade

Families must preorder lunches for preschools and elementary students. Orders must be in by 8:30 am for preschool students and for elementary students to receive a lunch that day. The system will not allow you to order after the time listed above. For your convenience, meals can be preordered up to 30 days in advance. To avoid any issues, we recommend ordering the night before.
Students may purchase ala carte items in addition to a free meal using cash.

Middle School and High School

Middle School and High Schools students do NOT need to preorder.  They will pick out what they want for lunch in line at lunchtime. 
Middle school and high school students will receive a free meal for lunch. Students may purchase ala carte items in addition to a free meal using cash or their student account. 
Download the NutriSlice apps: Apple Store and Google Play

Free and Reduced Meal Eligibility

It is still imperative to apply for Free and Reduced Meal eligibility!
While school lunches are free for all students for the school year 2021-2022, please keep in mind that qualifying for free or reduced lunches also provides other benefits. Students may receive assistance with athletic fees, testing fees, summer program fees, and other benefits. In order to receive these benefits for the school year 2021-2022.

What qualifies as a meal?

Schools are required to offer 5 components and students are required to take 3 of the 5 components to make a meal.
The following are school meal components:
  • Milk (fat-free or 1%, flavored or unflavored)
  • Meat/Meat Alternative
  • Bread/Grains 
  • Fruit*
  • Vegetables*
*Students are required to take 1/2 cup of a fruit or vegetable to make a meal
Examples of a reimbursable meal:
  • chili, cinnamon roll, and orange wedges
  • hamburger on bun, side salad, and milk