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Support Staff Information

The audiologist assesses identified students to determine the implications of hearing loss and the effects regarding speech recognition and environmental sounds.

Occupational Therapist
The occupational therapist evaluates and provides treatment for skills which focus on development of readiness abilities, fine-motor control, and functional skills.

Physical Therapist
The physical therapist evaluates and provides treatment for gross-motor control, basic mobility, and balance. The physical therapist’s services are based on a prescription from a physician.

School Nurse
A registered nurse provides a variety of services for students in the Center Programs such as monitoring their health and safety, and consultation with staff, parents, and medical personnel in regard to student health needs. Northville Public Schools employs a part time registered nurse for the elementary schools, middle schools and high school.

School Psychologist
The psychologist administers tests which measure intelligence, achievement, personality, and perceptual-motor skills. The psychologist also interprets psychological and other diagnostic data for parents, educators, students, and others.

School Social Worker
The school social worker evaluates a student's social/behavioral adjustment and facilitates the development of appropriate plans of action which may include a Behavior Intervention Plan. The following information is often used in making this determination: 1) family interviewing, 2) student conferences, 3) teacher conferences, 4) observations, and 5) collection of information and coordination of services with other agencies (if appropriate). In addition, the school social worker serves as a resource to educational staff, students, and parents in providing problem-solving techniques and acting as a liaison between the school, home, and community.

Speech and Language Pathologist
The speech and language pathologist evaluates students who may qualify for special education programs and services due to a disability in the areas of language development, articulation, voice, and/or fluency. The speech and language pathologist provides direct service to students and consults with educational staff, parents, and community agencies relating to the areas of speech and other communication disorders.

Teacher Consultant
A teacher consultant primarily evaluates academic achievement and provides instructional and/or behavioral support to students functioning in the general and/or special education classroom. The teacher consultant serves as a resource for both general and special education teachers, other support staff, parents, and building administrators.