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Superintendent's Corner

Dear Northville Families, Staff, and Community,
It is with considerable excitement and much gratitude that I begin as your Superintendent of Northville Public Schools. The Northville Community is a place that attracts families with its premiere public school system and keeps families for generations, as evidenced from the good people I have met who graduated from NPS and are sending students to the very schools they attended! 
I am honored to follow the iconic leadership of Mary Kay Gallagher and each current and retired educator who has built NPS into a true World of Possibilities for our students. It is also quite clear that the Northville community is a very special place, a community that honors its 150 years of heritage, celebrates this moment, and prepares for the next 150 years of the Northville community being a beacon for families seeking an outstanding place to call home. 
I look forward to meeting and striving beside the Northville community. The power of care, compassion, and collaboration in the service of each of our children is an unstoppable force. Each of our children deserve the opportunity to live the lives they deserve, our community striving together will help to provide the cognitive and emotional support our students deserve. In speaking with our Board of Education, educators, and community members, it is clear that the emotional health and well being of our students is of paramount importance. Northville Public Schools has strengthened relationships with agencies and increased social work/counseling staff to help attend to this essential goal. Including students in conversations and listening to their needs will be an essential part of moving forward in better supporting them during their experience in our community public schools.
Other areas of emphasis that have been shared with me include: expanding STEM opportunities, expanding language opportunities, continued deep support of our athletic programming and fine arts options, advocacy for public education, a thoughtful attention to equity work, continued efforts to make our schools a welcoming place for each student and a deepening of our outstanding academic offerings. A community that lists the aforementioned areas as aspirational goals is one that understands the importance of a high quality public education in helping to raise our children. The commitment of families to want the very best for their children is something we at NPS do not take for granted. I pledge that we will do our very best in supporting each family in raising their children in a fashion that gives families the support they need to do so.
I look forward to holding regular “coffee/tea/smoothies with the superintendent” to gain further insight as to how NPS can better serve our families. I look forward to helping amplify the good things happening in our community via strong written, verbal, and graphical communication. I look forward to learning so much about what makes Northville the type of community people choose to raise their families…for generation after generation.
Be well, 
Dr. Webber
Northville Public Schools