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Northville Public Schools' Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber is as curious as they come. Dr. Webber will be interviewing staff, students, parents, community members, and beyond to learn more about the interesting happenings in and around the district. 
If you have any suggestions on who Dr. Webber should interview, or topics you'd like us to look into, email suggestions to [email protected]. Make sure to 'Follow' our show on whatever podcast service you use so you don't miss an episode. You can also check out our Podcast website for more details.
Episode 2: Mike Rumbell, NHS Band Director
For this episode of Mustang Moments, Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber sits down with one of our longest standing staff members, Mike Rumbell. Mr. Rumbell is the band director at Northville High School. He has worked at Northville Public Schools for 49 years! Mr. Rumbell shares his inspirations, where he got his love of music from, who he's performed with and all the different venues. You will be in awe of this man's story! Transcript
Episode 1: INAUGURAL Podcast Featuring Katie Rork
Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber kicks off our inaugural podcast by chatting with Katie Rork, the district communications specialist, about starting this podcast and her role. Ms. Rork was a television news anchor for 10 years prior to starting at Northville Public Schools. She talks about her new video series called Classroom Close-Up, which can be viewed on the district's website and social media pages. Stay curious! Transcript