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Northville Public Schools' Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber is as curious as they come. Dr. Webber will be interviewing staff, students, parents, community members, and beyond to learn more about the interesting happenings in and around the district. 
If you have any suggestions on who Dr. Webber should interview, or topics you'd like us to look into, email suggestions to [email protected]. Make sure to 'Follow' our show on whatever podcast service you use so you don't miss an episode. You can also check out our Podcast website for more details.
Join Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber as he delves into the inspiring story of Johanne Ray-Hepp, the dedicated orchestra director at Northville Public Schools, in this enriching episode of "Mustang Moments." Discover how Johanne's early experiences in Detroit and Southfield ignited her passion for music, leading her to explore and excel in the world of orchestral music. Despite the Northville Public Schools' orchestra program being relatively new, established just a few years ago, Johanne's exceptional direction has already garnered high praise. This year marks a significant milestone as the program expands into its first year at the high school level. Tune in for a compelling conversation that celebrates the power of music education, the importance of mentorship, and the remarkable achievements of Johanne Ray-Hepp and her students. Stay curious! Transcript.
In this episode of Mustang Moments, join Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber as he sits down with Meads Mill Middle School Principal Brad O'Neill, who is retiring after 34 years in public education. As they reflect on Brad's journey from his upbringing in Detroit to his impactful career in Northville, they delve into the influences that shaped his path into education, the memorable moments throughout his tenure, and the enduring values of community and diversity that have defined Northville Public Schools. From his dedication to coaching hockey to the challenges of leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brad shares insights, anecdotes, and heartfelt reflections on his remarkable legacy of leadership and service to the Northville community. Stay curious! Transcript.
For this episode of Mustang Moments, Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber invites a very special guest, 6th-grade student and published author Sriya Kuppa, along with her father, Srinivas. Sriya shares her journey from being a young storyteller inspired by "The Lion Guard" to becoming the author of "Tales from the African Wild," a collection of heartwarming stories featuring lessons about courage, family, and empathy. Dr. Webber and Sriya delve into the creative process, what inspired her to write, and the invaluable support she received from her father and her teachers along the way. Join us as Sriya reads excerpts from her book, discusses the themes behind her stories, and offers insights into what it means to be a young author. Learn about the obstacles she overcame, the joy of seeing her work in print, and the advice she has for other aspiring writers. Stay curious! Transcript.
Season 2, Episode 6: Championing Inclusion: A Conversation with Kelsey Mikiciuk
Join Superintendent Dr. Webber and Northville High School Special Ed teacher Kelsey Mikiciuk in a heartfelt conversation about their journey towards creating inclusive environments for students with diverse needs. From pioneering peer mentorship programs to the joy of unified athletics, they share stories of resilience, compassion, and the power of community. Explore the transformative impact of Inclusion Week and the collaborative efforts shaping a brighter future for all students in Northville Public Schools. Stay Curious! Transcript.
Season 2, Episode 5: From Curiosity to Creation: NHS Student Shares Story Behind 'Reveal the Ingredient' App
Join Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber in a captivating episode of Mustang Moments as he sits down with the brilliant Sanjana Duttagupta, a senior at Northville High School. In this episode, they unravel the inspiring journey from curiosity to creation, exploring Sanjana's development of the groundbreaking iOS application, "Reveal the Ingredient." Dive into the story of how a simple curiosity during the pandemic led Sanjana to create an app that detects and analyzes chemical ingredients, providing vital information about potential health impacts. From the early days of Visual Basic and Arduino experimentation to the evolution of the app using Swift and Java, this episode showcases the power of curiosity, perseverance, and the fusion of technology with aesthetics. Discover how Sanjana's personal project unfolded during her sophomore year, leading to the development of a life-changing app that empowers users to make informed choices about the products they use every day. Stay curious! Transcript
Season 2, Episode 4: A Teacher's Heartfelt Mission to Support Our Troops
For this episode of Mustang Moments, Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber interviews Jen Lawson, a teacher at Hillside Middle School. Jen shares an emotional journey of supporting the military through heartfelt acts of kindness. The podcast revolves around a special flag flown by Jen's father in Vietnam, now a symbol of gratitude for troops worldwide. From care packages to connecting with military personnel, Jen's initiatives showcase the power of small gestures. Stay curious! Transcript.
Season 2, Episode 3: Athletic Director Brian Samulski Reflects on Path to His Dream Job
For this episode of Mustang Moments, Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber sits down with our athletic director, Brian Samulski. Brian shares his journey from growing up in Canton, playing basketball, to becoming a key figure in one of Michigan's top school districts. Discover the influences, memories, and pivotal moments that shaped his perspective on sports and education. Stay curious! Transcript.
Season 2, Episode 2: Jackson Garland's Journey of Being a Global Educator
For this episode of Mustang Moments, Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber sits down with Jackson Garland, a teacher at Northville High School. Mr. Garland explains his extensive international teaching experience, his transition back to the United States, and his diverse interests in education, journalism, film, and music. Stay curious! Transcript.
Season 2, Episode 1: Community Events Around Suicide Awareness Month
For this episode of Mustang Moments, Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber sits down with Beth Santer, the executive director of Special Services at Northville Public Schools. Ms. Santer spotlights community events that are happening during the month of September for Suicide Awareness Month. For more details about the events, check out the September Suicide Prevention Awareness Month flyer. Stay curious! Transcript
Episode 7: Northville Varsity Girls Soccer Coach Jeannine Reddy Breaks Down Her Love for the Game
For this episode of Mustang Moments, Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber talks to Northville Varsity Girls Soccer Coach, Jeannine Reddy. Coach Reddy talks about how and when she started playing soccer. Plus, she reflects on her coaching journey and what it's like coaching boys and girls soccer and the competitiveness of travel teams. Coach Reddy explained what it was like becoming the new girls soccer coach at Northville and how the team has evolved. They are currently one of the top ranked teams in the state. Transcript
Episode 6: The Volunteer Gardener That Spruces Up Our Schools
For this episode of Mustang Moments, Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber talks to the lady with the green thumb, Jean Gertley. To celebrate National Volunteer Recognition Week and Earth Day, what better person to get to know than Jean Gertley. Jean has been sprucing up our schools for several years. She loves getting the kids involved and the kids love helping her! She is a dental hygienist by trade, substitute teacher whenever possible and the hardest working volunteer gardener Northville has ever seen. Jean shares where her green thumb came from, her proudest projects, and what keeps her going. Stay curious! Transcript
Episode 5: Learn about the Leader of our Littlest Learners
For this episode of Mustang Moments, Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber talks to Chelsea Simons, NPS Early Childhood Education and Extended Day Program Coordinator. Chelsea passionately explains where she fell in love with wanting to be an early childhood educator. She also outlines what our program offers and what a complete day looks like for our preschoolers. A couple of our preschool classrooms are piloting a curriculum called High Scope, which Chelsea and Dr. Webber dive into and explain. Dr. Webber also throws a couple curious questions at Chelsea about what her dream outdoor learning space would look like for our preschoolers. Stay curious! Transcript
Episode 4: Genna Davis Shares Her Parent Involvement and Latest Fundraising Efforts
For this episode of Mustang Moments, Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber talks to Genna Davis who is a parent in the district. She explains her latest fundraising campaign for new playground equipment at Amerman Elementary. Genna also talks about how she grew up in the Northville Public School system and why she wanted her kids to go to school here too. Dr. Webber also uncovers one of Genna's favorite passions: collecting and rebuilding old trucks. Wait until you hear Genna light up while talking about her trucks! That's why it's important to always stay curious! Transcript.
Episode 3: NHS Student Congress President Shares His Leadership Journey at NPS
For this episode of Mustang Moments, Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber brings in Zach Ajluni, 12th grader at Northville High School. Zach is also the Student Congress president and shares his leadership journey at Northville Public Schools. He explains where he caught the leadership bug and why he thinks we have the best Freshman Orientation in the area! Plus, Dr. Webber challenges Zach with a couple curious questions. Stay curious! Transcript
Episode 2: Mike Rumbell, NHS Band Director
For this episode of Mustang Moments, Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber sits down with one of our longest standing staff members, Mike Rumbell. Mr. Rumbell is the band director at Northville High School. He has worked at Northville Public Schools for 49 years! Mr. Rumbell shares his inspirations, where he got his love of music from, who he's performed with and all the different venues. You will be in awe of this man's story! Transcript
Episode 1: INAUGURAL Podcast Featuring Katie Rork
Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber kicks off our inaugural podcast by chatting with Katie Rork, the district communications specialist, about starting this podcast and her role. Ms. Rork was a television news anchor for 10 years prior to starting at Northville Public Schools. She talks about her new video series called Classroom Close-Up, which can be viewed on the district's website and social media pages. Stay curious! Transcript