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District Goals

District Goals (2020-2025)

Advancing our Tradition of Excellence...
opening A World of Possibilities for all students


Our Purpose:
In partnership with students, parents, and all stakeholders, Northville Public Schools will create flexible, learner-centered school communities that advance learning and leadership within every learner while fostering the skills and dispositions necessary for success.


Our Vision:
All students will graduate from Northville Public Schools with the skills and dispositions necessary to maximize their potential as contributing members of a global society.
Our Commitment to All:
In Northville Public Schools, diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational to opening a World of Possibilities for and with every student. We commit to developing a community that fosters a sense of belonging, respect, and access for all in order for students across race, ethnicity, socioeconomic factors, abilities, and identities to reach their maximum potential.

2020-2025 District Goals

I. Foster Learner Profiles that Lead to Globally Competitive Graduates through personalization of learning; attainment of core competencies, and the alignment of globally ready characteristics with standards and assessments.
II. Culture of Learning and Leadership in Every School that empowers learners, develops leaders, and fosters intellectual curiosity.
III. Re-Imagined Curriculum and Instruction that is relevant, responsive, and personalized; aligned instructionally from pre-kindergarten through graduation; customized to encourage student ownership over time, place, path and pace; and learning environments that reflect the technology tools of today.
IV. Effective Communication to and from all Northville Public Schools stakeholders that is timely and relevant and that creates opportunities for active involvement.
V. Organizational Effectiveness that strengthens strategic planning and provides leadership at all levels of the school system, with performance management indicators including quality school system indicators, fiscal responsibility and facility maintenance.