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Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC)


Participation with SEPAC shall be in accordance with the Special Education Code requiring that a SEPAC Member be a resident of Northville Public Schools and that (s)he shall have a child with a disability between the ages of birth and 26 years who is being serviced by Northville Public Schools, under the current Michigan Revised Administrative Rules for Special Education.

Categories of Disabilities

  • ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • PI Physically Impaired
  • CI Cognitive Impairment
  • SLI Speech/Language Impaired
  • EI Emotionally Impaired
  • SXI Severely Multiply Impaired
  • HI Hearing Impaired
  • TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
  • LD Learning Disabled
  • VI Visually Impaired
  • OHI Otherwise Health Impaired
To provide a communication linkage between parents and the administration of Northville Public Schools. Topics relating to Special Education will be presented at designated meetings.
To provide support opportunities and pertinent information to parents of special education students throughout Northville Public Schools.
  • Children learn best when their physical and emotional needs are met.
  • It is critical for student learning to have a home-school environment which fosters self esteem.
  • Partial participation is preferable to non-participation.
  • All students can learn and achieve academically.
  • Students learn best when meaningful instruction is carried over from the school into the home.
  • Meaningful instruction is not limited to school settings; it also takes place in natural environments where students learn and practice skills in real-life settings.
  • Provide Parent Workshops/Speakers
  • Mini-Grants from WC PAC
  • Promote Parent Support Groups in NPS
  • SEPAC Website

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