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Community Facility Use

Northville Public Schools facilities are made available to responsible local groups and organizations in accordance with Board of Education Policy No. 3016. A minimum of 51% of the group's participants must be district residents. Facilities will not be rented for craft, electronics, animal, hobby or for-profit business activities or for private parties such as weddings, anniversaries, private dance recitals or memorials.
  • District-Sponsored Student Clubs
  • Local scouts
  • PTA groups
  • Non-affiliated local groups
  • Local 501c organizations

Facility Use Fees Increase (effective 7/1/2021)

Due to rising overhead costs, our fees have changed effective 7/1/2021. The district has not adjusted fees in several years, but overhead costs have been rising. Custodial, maintenance costs, utilities, insurance, etc. have all been on the rise. We have made adjustments with this in mind.

Register for an Account

Register for an account
First-time Users only
All Northville Public Schools facility requests are completed online. The first step needed to make an online facility request is to create an ML Schedules user account. Please complete all information fields and then click submit. You should receive an email confirming completion of the registration.
To get started, please contact Judy Huggins at [email protected].

Login & Reserve

login to make facility reservations
Once your group is approved, you can start making facility reservations by logging in to your account. We will provide you with the link. The video and Quick Start Guide provided below will further explain the reservation process. Please note that reservations must be made 7 days in advance.

Organization Requirements

  1. Request to be a Community User - A representative from your organization should create an account for the online portal. You may have more than one representative with an account. The representative will receive emails and invoices related to facility rentals for your organization as well as agree to the Terms and Conditions for use. 
  2. Proof of Residency - Provide a copy of your organization roster to verify 51% District Residents. This will be required on an annual basis.
  3. Proof of Liability Insurance - District-sponsored student groups are insured under the District's property and casualty policy. All other groups are required to secure $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy naming Northville Public Schools as additional insured. Proof of insurance is required prior to the scheduled activity.

Facility Use Fees

Groups of citizens and organizations requesting the use of District facilities are assessed fees according to the classification outlined below. Groups will be invoiced monthly for the prior month's usage. Specific procedures are outlined in our Terms and Conditions. You must be in good standing in order to continue use of the facilities.
  • Affiliated groups may use school facilities on a no-charge basis if the agree to meet in the most efficient space available during regular custodial working hours, Monday through Friday. If the activity is scheduled on a weekend, a vacation period or at a time during which no regularly scheduled custodians, the affiliated group will be assessed any associated custodial and maintenance costs at 50% the regular rate. Affiliated groups membership must be comprised of Northville residents.
  • Scouting groups may use school facilities on a no-charge basis if their meetings are scheduled Monday through Friday and if they are concluded by 9:00pm. Troops who use facilities are encouraged to complete a District community service project. Scouting groups requesting the use of school facilities after these days and times will be charged a custodial fee at 50% the regular custodial rate.
  • Non-affiliated groups: All Northville residents and organizations in this category are expected to pay fees to cover personnel costs for persons such as food service staff, custodians, lifeguards, athletic field supervisor, special equipment operators, technicians, student technicians and utility fees. The fee schedule is available online and payment shall be made to Northville Public Schools. (Note: Direct payment to individual District employees is prohibited).
  • 501c Groups: Organizations with 501c designation through the IRS are charged at 50% of the non-affiliated group rental rate.

Contact Information

Community Facility Use Support
Judy Huggins
Technology and Facilities Services Coordinator
[email protected]
(248) 344-3252
District Facility Operations
Steve Banchero
Director of Operations
[email protected]
(248) 344-3258