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10-12-18 Old Village / Main Street School Update

We are delighted to report that all required building and Early Childhood Program inspections are complete, and the appropriate licensure confirmed as of Friday, October 12, 2018.  Our Board of Education Offices and Early Childhood Program relocation to our beautifully restored, historic Old Village School at 405 W. Main Street, is official as of Monday, October 15, 2018.   A huge thank you goes out to our Early Childhood staff who did an exceptional job preparing their classroom environments for this transition.  
Disposition of Main Street School
Over the course of the next few weeks, we will still maintain some school operations at Main Street School as we finalize the moving and transition process.
The Northville Public Schools Board of Education at its August 14, 2018 meeting passed a resolution authorizing school district administrators to enter into negotiations with Old Village LLC for the purchase of the Main Street School property and facility at 501 West Main Street, Northville.

The decision was made following consultation with the district’s real estate experts and legal counsel; several opportunities for public comment for neighbors and community members; and Board discussion at its June and July meetings.

Located three blocks west of downtown Northville, the district’s Main Street facility (formerly Main Street Elementary School) is adjacent to Old Village School. Renovation and restoration of the historic Old Village School is part of a $104.85 million, multi-year bond approved by voters in November 2017 that will allow the district to update aging facilities, enhance security, and provide modern learning facilities across the district. In its planning for Old Village School, the district has worked together with the Historic District Commission and the City of Northville to ensure the integrity and historic significance of the 101-year-old Old Village School.

In August, the Board of Education approved a resolution to negotiate a purchase agreement with Old Village LLC for four single-family homes to be built on five lots, with the additional donation by the developer of a green space buffer between Old Village School and the property line for a pocket park on school district property.  
“The decision reached by the Board represents a win-win outcome for the school district and the community, given the level of support by the community for single-family homes at the site, along with the overwhelming support for the renovation of the District's most historic asset, Old Village School” said Northville Superintendent Mary Kay Gallagher.
There is, unfortunately, a disagreement between the School District and the Northville City Council regarding state versus local jurisdiction in the matter of demolishing school buildings. At its October 1, 2108 meeting, the Northville City Council authorized the City's attorney to take legal action against the District to block demolition of Main Street School without Historic District Commission approval.

For further information regarding the School District's position on this matter, please read the attached documents, outlining the comments made publicly, and submitted in writing at the August 15, 2018 meeting of the Northville Historic District Commission, and the October 1, 2018 meeting of the Northville City Council.