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Notice of Public Hearing – School Breakfast Program Participation/Opt Out

The Michigan Department of Education has mandated that school districts offer a breakfast program in each school building, with school districts having the option to opt out of offering a program if certain criteria is met.   At present, Northville Public Schools offers a breakfast program at Cooke School and Northville High School, and opts out of offering a breakfast program at the remaining schools based on the allowable criteria. 

The Board of Education of Northville Public Schools will be holding a Public Hearing during the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 in the Hillside Middle School Forum, 775 N Center Street, to allow the public to express their views on this issue.  Following the public hearing, the Board of Education will consider a motion to opt-out of the School Breakfast program at schools other than Cooke School and Northville High School.  Cooke School and Northville High School will continue to offer a breakfast program for the 2018-19 school year. ​