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An Important Message from the Superintendent

Dear Northville Public Schools Students, Staff, and Families,

In response to questions asked by several of our parents, and in the wake of a particularly difficult and divisive national election and aftermath, I am writing to reiterate Northville Public Schools’ commitment to learner-centered school communities that advance learning and leadership within every learner.  The diversity of our school community is one of our tremendous strengths as we seek, in partnership with our students and families, to maximize each and every student’s potential as a contributing member of a global society. 

As always, our teachers and staff continue to be mindful of the discussions in our hallways and classrooms, and are watchful for any situations in which discussions may cross the line from sharing differing perspectives to hurtful, or inappropriate comments.  We encourage students to seek out a trusted adult in any situation in which they feel uncomfortable, and ask parents to likewise support students in reporting any inappropriate behavior.  We are committed to doing all that we can to ensure that our schools and classrooms are safe places where we foster a culture of understanding and respect for one another, learn how to disagree respectfully, promote civil discourse and open dialog regarding issues that are important to our students, and work together to resolve conflicts appropriately. 

I have the tremendous opportunity to see evidence of this in action each day in our early childhood program, at Cooke School, across our elementary and middle schools, and at Northville High School.  Principles of leadership – seeking first to understand, thinking win: win, valuing each other’s strengths, and learning from and with one another is central to our work in each school.  We build on these core principles in middle and high school by fostering growth as International Baccalaureate (IB) learners, who strive to be thinkers; who are communicators working effectively and in collaboration with others; who are principled, and act with respect for the dignity of the individual, groups and communities; and who are open-minded, appreciating their own culture and personal histories and who are open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and communities.  Northville Public Schools’ Graduate Profile reflects this commitment as we seek to graduate students who are Analytical Thinkers, Effective Communicators, Quality Contributors, Continuous Learners and World Class Citizens – responsible to self, others and the environment as contributing members of a democratic society in a diverse world.

If you have concerns regarding your child at any time, please contact your child’s teacher, counselor, school social worker and/or principal.  Thank you for your partnership and support of Northville Public Schools as we work collectively to create the best possible learning environment for each and every child as we seek to truly open A World of Possibilities for and with each of our students. 


Mary K. Gallagher