NPS Celebrates Brian Samulski's Recognition as Region 11 Athletic Administrator of the Year

In an accolade that resonates not only within Northville but across the entire state, Brian Samulski, the esteemed Athletic Director at Northville High School, has been bestowed with the honor of being named Region 11 Athletic Administrator of the Year by the Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (MIAAA) for the 2023-24 school year.
Samulski's dedication and unwavering commitment to the students and the athletic program at Northville High School have been recognized on a regional level, solidifying his reputation as a leader in the field of interscholastic athletics. His tireless efforts have not only elevated the standard of athletics within the Northville community but have also set a benchmark for excellence across the state.
Having served as the Athletic Director at Northville High School since 2019, Samulski's impact has been felt far beyond the confines of the school grounds. His multifaceted background as an educator and coach has equipped him with a unique perspective, enabling him to navigate the complexities of interscholastic athletics with finesse and proficiency.
Throughout his career, Samulski has been instrumental in fostering a culture of inclusivity, sportsmanship, and academic excellence within the athletic department. His leadership has not only propelled Northville's athletic programs to new heights but has also served as a source of inspiration for students, coaches, and colleagues alike.
Commenting on Samulski's recognition, Bryan Masi, CAA, KLAA commissioner and former athletic director at Northville, remarked, "Brian has become the go-to person for the KLAA. His work and support as the Northville High School athletic administrator are unmatched, and he has taken Northville athletics to new levels."
Samulski's contributions extend beyond the confines of Northville High School, as evidenced by his involvement in various committees and associations dedicated to the advancement of interscholastic athletics. His unwavering dedication to the well-being and development of student-athletes has earned him the genuine respect and admiration of his peers statewide.
The Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, a venerable institution with a rich history spanning over 50 years, recognizes individuals like Samulski whose tireless efforts uphold the educational value of interscholastic athletics. As partners with the Michigan High School Athletic Association, the MIAAA remains committed to championing the role and profession of athletic directors who embody the values of integrity, leadership, and service.
In light of this prestigious accolade, Northville Public Schools extends its heartfelt congratulations to Brian Samulski on being named Region 11 Athletic Administrator of the Year. His unwavering dedication and exemplary leadership serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of excellence that defines Northville's athletic program.