Free Breakfast and Lunch for ALL Students in 2023/24

This school year, Northville Public Schools will be providing free breakfast and lunch meals to all pre-K through grade 12 NPS students, regardless of free or reduced lunch availability. Funding for the Michigan School Meals Program was included in the 2023-24 School Aid Bill approved by the state legislature. Under this program students can receive free breakfast and lunch meals each full school day. In addition to these free meals, students may purchase a second breakfast or lunch meal, snack items or a separate carton of milk, as desired.
In order to operate the program successfully, we are actively seeking additional Food Service staff members to work in our kitchens. If you or someone you know are interested in joining the Food Service team, please contact our Food Service department at 248-344-3690.
Finally, please be aware that this program will supplement the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program, meaning that parents of students who would otherwise be eligible for free or reduced meals should continue to submit applications for free or reduced meals for their students. Even though meals will be free this year, it is vitally important that parents who meet, or believe they may meet, the free and reduced income guidelines, submit an application to ensure maximum benefits for their students and the District.  
Some of these benefits include:
  • Athletics and activities discounts for student fees associated with participating in athletics and activities programs
  • SAT, ACT and AP test discounts for academic testing
  • College application discounts for college application fees
  • Discounted internet access services
  • Federal, state and local school funding for school budgets
  • Summer EBT
If you have any questions about the Michigan School Meals Program, please contact our Food Service department at 248-344-3690.