Dedicated Northville Testing Team Hands Out Nearly 2,000 Advanced Placement Exams

Advanced Placement testing has been going on the past two weeks for Northville High Schoolers. And it's all hands on deck to make sure testing goes smoothly.
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This year, Northville High School offered 25 Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Nearly 1,000 students from NHS took these exams and many of them took more than one exam. In total, about 2,000 AP exams were given out over the last two weeks.
To accommodate all the exam takers, the testing is done at Ward Church.
"We have to have it at Ward Church because otherwise we'd have to literally use a wing of our school and so this relationship that they built with Ward Church has been for many many years and we're very grateful because it has to be done here. I couldn't imagine it any other way," explained Karla Kennedy, testing coordinator, NHS.
And it's all hands on deck.
"With giving 20, almost 25 different tests, they have different requirements, some are similar but it's a lot of moving parts and it takes a very efficient team which fortunately we have. So everybody works together to get all the pieces in place," said Janice Loomis, assistant principal, NHS.
Karla went on to explain, "the kids will just walk in, find their name on the roster and then they go to like a holding area until we're ready for them and then we all walk in, I'm particularly referring to Knox Hall which is our biggest exam, and they come in and find their seat and we begin our exams."
Northville High School's Advanced Placement passage rate is very impressive. Last year, 89% of the students passed with a 3 or higher. By passing these AP exams, our students can earn college credit. 
A big thank you to our testing team for making sure everything ran smoothly.