Northville Public Schools

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Annual Reports

Annual Education Reports

The 2015-16 Annual Education Reports provide key information on the educational progress of the school district including complex reporting data regarding student, teacher and school district performance required under federal and state law.

Read the complete report from the Superintendent included in the Northville Public Schools District report below.

NCA/AdvancED Accreditation

District NCA/AdvancED Accreditation reports are available on the Accreditation page.

Year-End Report

The 2015-16 Year-End Report serves as a permanent record of the school year. The reports from each Central Office Leadership Team member reflect the experiences of their respective departments. These reports include accomplishments, issues, challenges, and concerns from the past school year.

District School Improvement Plan

Building Level Reports

Amerman Elementary

Moraine Elementary

Ridge Wood Elementary

Silver Springs Elementary

Thornton Creek Elementary

Winchester Elementary

Hillside Middle School

Meads Mill Middle School

Northville High School

Cooke School

Early Childhood Education and Extended Day Programs