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Bond 2017 Construction Updates

Thank you Northville Schools Community!


On Tuesday November 7, 2017, the Northville Public Schools community overwhelmingly supported a $104.85 million bond proposal to upgrade Northville Public Schools’ aging facilities, enhance existing building security, and provide modern learning environments across the district – all while maintaining the current debt millage rate for taxpayers.


We are grateful for the tremendous support of our community in the passage of Bond 2017, which has allowed Northville Public Schools to reimagine the learning environments and spaces in our schools, enhance building security, and upgrade school facilities. Over the course of three years, many of our classrooms, media centers, and labs have been renovated to maximize student potential. These improvements consist of furniture that gives freedom to collaborate with peers, technology that provides opportunities for learning in small and large group settings with audio and visual enhancements, and the addition of large spaces such as the state of the art NHS fitness center and a major addition and renovation at Hillside that is modern, inviting and vibrant. Thank you, voters, for your support of the exceptional work that takes place across all of our schools, and for your devotion to the education of Northville’s youth.

Passage of the bond will benefit Northville Public Schools students, families and community members in a variety of ways:
  • Learning environment upgrades to meet modern teaching and learning practices
  • Improvements to address the aging infrastructure of buildings
  • Safety and security upgrades that build on security initiatives already in place
  • Energy and operational initiatives to improve environmental quality and efficiency of buildings, as well as reduce operational expenses.

The bond program is the culmination of a two-year facility and infrastructure planning initiative to upgrade the district’s aging buildings to support learner-centered school communities as we build on our long-standing Tradition of Excellence and seek to open a World of Possibilities for and with each of our students, and in partnership with our families and community.


Thoughtful planning is under way and construction is beginning for this comprehensive, multi-year facilities upgrade and construction program that will touch every classroom and school.


Click below for an overview of Bond 2017, along with the latest Construction and Facilities Program Update. Also available are key features of the bond initiative and construction timelines by building.


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This summer, the final phases of Bond 2017 are coming to fruition, as Cooke, Silver Springs, Winchester undergo major renovations, and Ridge Wood Elementary School is refreshed!  Other projects continuing this summer include furniture installation at Northville High School and the demolition of the east portion of the building at Hillside Middle School, to be replaced by a new front entrance and parking lot.


Cooke’s programmatic improvements will be primarily funded by Act 18 Special Education dollars, while facility/infrastructure improvements will be funded through the bond proposal.

The Bond project will transform classrooms and learning spaces by replacing old, outdated furniture with flexible furniture to support a variety of instructional strategies and student learning needs.  A new main entrance vestibule will be created to increase security

Cooke’s upgrade of mechanical and lighting infrastructure will enhance the building’s learning environment and longevity of the building’s systems. The replacement of doors and the flooring of the cafeteria are also planned during the renovation

Silver Springs

Silver Springs will also receive renovations to classrooms and learning spaces replacing interior finishes and casework and upgrades to the media center allowing a common area for collaborative learning with modern media materials and technology. A designated Maker Space will be incorporated into the building. Classrooms will also receive walls in the place of classroom partitions and installation of new doors. 

Silver Spring’s main office will be relocated to increase security and proximity to the main entrance. Electrical and plumbing infrastructure will be a focus during the renovation along with other mechanical system upgrades. The upper parking lot will be replaced and LED site lighting installed. 


Winchester will receive renovations to classrooms and the media center which includes redesigned spaces for collaborative learning and updated technology. A designated Maker Space will be incorporated into the building. Classrooms will receive walls as upgrades to current classroom partitions. Flexible furniture replaced older furniture in the beginning phases of the Bond work. Winchester’s main entrance vestibule will be remodeled to increase security. Lighting infrastructure and mechanical systems will be upgraded to enhance the learning environments and provide longevity to the building’s systems.

Ridge Wood

Ridge Wood’s renovations will include the replacement of interior finishes in classrooms and learning spaces and upgrades to the media center allowing a common area for collaborative learning with modern media materials and technology. A Maker Space is being created within the building. Flexible furniture replaced older furniture in the beginning phases of the Bond work. A remodeled main entrance vestibule will increase security and upgraded mechanical systems will enhance the school building environments and provide longevity of the infrastructure.


Hillside’s newest addition was completed and students transitioned into the vibrant and bright classrooms in January of 2021. The addition boasts a large cafeteria doubling as a multi-use space with a stage, new instrumental rooms with plenty of storage, and open spaces that can be used as learning spaces equipped with flexible seating and technology. Vibrant paint colors in the halls and classrooms will assist students with navigating the new space and create an energizing space for learning. In the coming months, the office staff, administration, and counselors will transition to the new offices along the new front entrance and parking lot.

Northville High School

This summer, Northville High School will see the replacement of classroom furniture out of the Bond project, and from the Sinking Fund project improvements will be made on the tennis courts along with refinishing the main gym floor.

October 2020 Update

The 2017 Bond project continued this summer after a brief break following the pandemic shutdown. Since the beginning of March 2020, over 15 million dollars worth of construction through the end of July have been accomplished and NPS staff have participated in 50+ Zoom meetings with project teams. Thank you voters!


Hillside: Hillside Middle School construction work continues the $35 million project of adding a new addition to the school. Students can expect to transition to the new addition in mid to late fall.


Meads Mill: Meads Mill Middle School looks different this year as the construction of the new office and secured entry vestibule is completed. A flexible music space was created along with the reconfiguration of the Art, Project Lead the Way and Choir classrooms. All classroom have new windows and casework installed and new student furniture.


Moraine and Thornton Creek: Thornton Creek and Moraine Elementary Schools received a renovated office areas with a secure entry vestibule and renovated media centers with an addition of a makerspace. All classrooms received new mechanical systems and lighting upgrades along with new casework.


Sinking Fund Project: Winchester received new pavement in the parking lot.


Design Stages: Currently in the design phase is Silver Springs Elementary School, Winchester Elementary School, Ridge Wood Elementary School and Cooke School. Projects included in the design phase discussions are:

  • media center and makerspace renovations
  • secure offices and entry vestibules
  • classroom finishes
  • lighting upgrades
  • furniture replacement
  • roofing work
  • mechanical unit upgrades
The Operations Department would like to give a shout out to the Early Childhood Staff and Food Service Staff that volunteered to help pack up buildings in May!

As classes begin this fall, Amerman and High School students are greeted with recent updates and renovations to their buildings.

Amerman Front Hallway
Amerman received a new secured entry and main office, an expanded media center with flexible collaborative spaces, updated classrooms and new heating and cooling throughout the building. Portable classrooms were removed from the campus as space was allocated for these classrooms.
NHS Renovated Forum Room
Northville High School
At the high school, science labs, the Forum, computer labs and the Robotics classroom underwent renovations with new flooring, lighting, and furniture. NHS is equipped with a more secure front entrance with an added set of locked doors and updated security hardware. New turf on the soccer field at NHS is now ready for use. Northville High School’s new fitness center and cafeteria addition will be completed and occupiable in October 2019.
Hillside West Building Demo
At Hillside students can expect school to operate as normal. The new addition foundation is taking shape, as Hillside continues to have construction work throughout the year. The renovated west end of Hillside and the addition is anticipated be completed and occupiable in the fall of 2020. The far west side of the building will be closed for renovations during the 2019-2020 school year and fine arts classes will be temporary located in other classrooms in the building. Paving of the new parking lot will follow the completed construction in the Spring of 2021.
Next Phase

Moraine, Thornton Creek and Meads Mill are in the Design phase with bidding taking place the Fall of 2020. Northville Schools piloted middle school furniture for Hillside and Meads Mills we are starting the design process for middle school furniture through a series of meetings.
Visit the Bond Update page to stay in the know about the 2017 Bond Construction project.

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