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Mothers' Club

Who We Are

The Mothers' Club of Northville is a non-profit, volunteer organization with 35 members dedicated to educational enrichment for Northville Public School children. Our activities to fulfill this mission include:
  • Community Service: work nights at various schools
  • Fundraising: Annual (Victorian Festival, All Aglow) and Bi-Annual (Telephone Directory, Spring Social/Auction
Grants and Funding 

Although we do make grants to individuals, as usual, our primary focus is supporting the efforts of the public schools. This year we will accept grant applications to benefit students K-12 on or before: February 3, 2012.

The decision is based on the merit of the applications, the Club focus for the year, and the Club mission statement: "Dedication to educational enrichment for Northville school children."

We normally do not fund:

  • Items or supplies which are required for teaching the curriculum (i.e. text books; teaching supplies such as markers, paper, ink cartridges; etc). This policy was slightly modified for the 2009-2010 school year due to extreme budget cuts within the district.
  • Items or supplies which should be covered under building capital funds (i.e. display cases, windows, projection screens, mobile carts, etc).
  • Items or supplies where funding from the district has already been secured and allocated in the past year or near future. We do take into consideration other available funding sources that may be applied and may recommend such.