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Student Health Policy

In order to protect students and parents from unfortunate problems resulting from unknown health limitations of students, the Northville Board of Education has adopted the policy recommending that all students enrolling in a middle school or high school for the first time, i.e. fifth graders to the middle school and eighth graders to the high school, should comply with the following:

  1. Have the Immunization Record, which may be obtained from the principal at any of the Northville Public Schools, signed by a physician verifying that the student has received a physical examination.
  2. Tuberculin Testing - is no longer required for school entry. It is recommended for children in high risk situations, e.g. contacts to known cases, etc.
  3. If a health examination of your child is against your belief, please submit the objection, in writing, signed by the parent or guardian (a waiver).
  4. A physical examination will be required each year for participation in sports activities. In addition, the Northville Public School District is committed to creating a school environment that enhances lifelong wellness practices that promote healthy eating and meaningful age appropriate physical activities. To that end, a Wellness Policy was adopted in June, 2006 and revised in May, 2009. 

Please feel free to contact the Office of Instructional Services, (248) 344-8442, if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

A printable version of the policy is available below.