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Learning Lab: Sign Up & Learn More

NPS Open Learning Lab and Extended School Day Learning Lab

Northville Public Schools is offering in-person Learning Lab Opportunities for all K-12 NPS students, including students who are enrolled in the full virtual program option at each level, or are attending the in-person hybrid schedule at the middle or high school level. Learning Lab opportunities include Open Learning Lab for K-12 students and Extended School Day Learning Lab for middle and high school students.

Learning Lab IconWhat is an Open Learning Lab?

  • Open times are during and throughout each school day providing an in-person opportunity for your child to engage in their learning when they would otherwise be at home or are not scheduled to attend in-person classes based on their schedule.
  • A place where students can engage in their personalized instruction while in an educational environment where Covid-19 safety protocols are followed and additional support for learning is available.
  • Staffed by certified teachers and/or credentialed subs with additional support provided by paraprofessionals.

Learning Lab Eligibility Icon

Who is eligible for the Open Learning Lab?

  • All in-person and full virtual students, K-12, are eligible to sign up and attend Open Learning Lab.
  • Full virtual elementary, middle school and high school students can attend any/all weekdays.
  • Hybrid middle and high school students can attend any/all days they are not scheduled for in-person classes.

Learning Lab Reasons

Why would I want my child to attend the Open Learning Lab?

  • Your child may need structured educational support with classwork and managing their time.
  • Your child is struggling with a particular subject area.
  • Your child needs an educational setting that is conducive to focusing on coursework.
  • Educators will support students in reaching their learning goals.

Learning Lab location icon

Where is my child’s open learning lab?

  • For middle and high school students, the Open Learning Lab is held at their neighborhood school. Utilizing large spaces, like media centers and/or cafeterias, students are safely spaced out and provided room to learn.
  • For virtual elementary students, the Open Learning Lab is located at Ridge Wood Elementary School (49775 Six Mile Rd). This is the location for all 6 elementary schools.

After School Learning Support Icon

What about after school learning support?

Extended School Day Learning Lab is available for all 6-12 students.
  • Middle and High School students may continue their school day after their 4th Block.
  • Middle School: two hours following the school day, Monday through Thursday.
  • High School: 1 hour and 40 minutes following the school day, Monday through Thursday.
  • This program is supported by content area teachers and paraprofessionals working on students’ learning needs
    and grouping students together.
  • Sign up using the forms below.
  • Transportation home is available for eligible students.
  • Contact your building principal for further information

How to sign up icon

How do I sign up?

Visit the form links below for your students' specific Open Learning Lab or Extended School Day Learning Lab opportunities. Please fill out the form by Wednesday the week before your student will utilize the Learning Labs. District and building communications will provide weekly communications with the links to the sign-up form. Transportation is available for eligible students and is included on the sign-up form. 
Important: All elementary Open Learning Lab students will attend the Open Learning Lab at Ridge Wood Elementary School (49775 Six Mile Rd.)