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The Next Steps

The Next Steps

Strengthening Teaching and Learning in Real Ways

After moving forward in the technology arena – thanks to the incredible support of the Northville community in passing the 2012 Technology Bond – our goal in this visioning process (which continues for the 2014-15 school year) is to create an overarching, compelling vision for Northville Public Schools that supports our mission, drives school improvement efforts and includes a detailed three to five year roadmap, with specific action items that support progress toward our vision. This will include identifying leading indicators that are supported by both qualitative and quantitative data in five key goal areas over time. The District Goals for 2014-2019 are: 

  • Foster Learner Profiles that Lead to Globally Competitive Graduates through personalization of learning; attainment of core competencies, and the alignment of globally ready characteristics with standards and assessments.
  • Culture of Learning and Leadership in Every School that empowers learners, develops leaders, and fosters intellectual curiosity.
  • Re-Imagined Curriculum and Instruction that is relevant, responsive, and personalized; aligned instructionally from pre-kindergarten through graduation; customized to encourage student ownership over time, place, path and pace; and learning environments that reflect the technology tools of today.
  • Effective Two-Way Communication to and from all Northville Public Schools stakeholders that is timely and relevant and that creates opportunities for active involvement.
  • Organizational Effectiveness that strengthens strategic planning and provides leadership at all levels of the school system, with performance management indicators including quality school system indicators, fiscal responsibility and facility maintenance.

As a part of the next phase in this visioning process, in May 2014 the district kicked off district-wide visioning teams in the areas of Curriculum & Assessment Design and Technology Design that began their work over the summer and will continue it throughout the school year. The 23-member Curriculum & Assessment Design team is focusing on developing user-friendly knowledge maps and a unit design framework, while the 15-member Technology Design team is building capacity around digital learning tools and providing input into the development of a robust digital learning platform. A guiding principle of the district’s technology planning is focused on rigorous curriculum design and learning outcomes, with technology serving as a tool to support learning.

The work of these two visioning teams are intersecting throughout this process. Their work to date is being shared with all teachers, with ongoing work including feedback from and with stakeholders. Already this fall, more than 140 kindergarten through eighth grade teachers have come together in intense daylong sessions to begin building content area maps across the grade levels in subject areas including math, science, English language arts, world languages and social studies. This is learning-focused, ground-breaking work that is building a culture of leadership and learning for all students that is advancing in each of our schools.

The students in our school system today will be the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, entrusted to care for our world and raise the next generation of compassionate world citizens. It is our responsibility – as Northville educators, teachers, students and community members – to ensure they are ready to shoulder these responsibilities. We invite you to join in this work as we continue to Advance Our Tradition of Excellence and Open a World of Possibilities for each of our students.