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Enrollment Process

To Enroll, Complete Enrollment Steps 1 through 6

STEP 1: Create an Online Enrollment Request via our Signup Genius

Create an Online Enrollment Request via our Signup Genius - Please complete this Signup to help us track your new student's enrollment. Once you have signed up, you must return to our website enrollment page to complete Step 2 (pre-enrollment).
If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Data at 248-344-3524.

STEP 2: Complete the Online Pre-Enrollment for each new student

Complete the Online Pre-Enrollment - This "pre-enrollment" step sets up an account on our student data system. (Please note: Link opens in a new window. You will need to return to this page to complete the process.)
IMPORTANT DIRECTIONS before starting this STEP. The Online Pre-Enrollment sets up an account on our student data system where you will enter information including household, student, primary contact and emergency contact details. You will securely upload the documents necessary for enrollment. You should gather and electronically save your documents so they can be uploaded prior to beginning this online pre-enrollment process. They can be uploaded as individual documents or one grouped document.
The necessary documents are listed below and in Step 3.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Residency – 3 total documents – see description in Step 3.
  • Immunization Record
  • Vision Screening (Kindergarten only)
  • Parent/Guardian Driver’s License (front only)

STEP 3: Prepare Documents for Upload

Once you have completed the upload of all required documents (see descriptions of all required documents below), please hit the submit button. Our Student Data department will review your submission and you will receive an email confirmation of your successful enrollment within 5 business days.

A.  Provide Copy Of Certified Birth Certificate (required)

Northville Public Schools will maintain a copy of each student's birth certificate.
If the birth certificate is not in English, a passport or VISA must also be submitted. 

B.  Gather Residency Documentation (REQUIRED)

If lease or own home 3 proof of residency documents are required.
  1. ONE document MUST be a signed lease, mortgage/property tax statement (mailed to you, not the county record), Warranty Deed, Property Transfer Affidavit, Signed purchase agreement or Builder's letter with estimated occupancy date.
  2. TWO additional documents, such as: Utility bills (excluding water bill), Bank statement, credit card statement, employment record, auto/health insurance, IRS information. (Those with a signed purchase agreement, builder's letter or new lease will have 30 days after enrolling to provide these 2 additional proof of residency documents.)
If you are temporarily living with another family you must complete the Residential Affidavit {Shared Household) process.
  1. Complete the Residential Affidavit form (this form must be notarized)
    1. Homeowner must provide 3 proofs of residency as stated on the form
    2. Parent or Legal Guardian must provide 2 additional proofs as stated on the form
    3. Both homeowner and Parent or Legal Guardian must attend enrollment appointment

C.   Parent/Guardian Driver License (front only)

D.   Immunization Record

  •  Your child must have an updated immunization record OR an immunization waiver from the county Health Department BEFORE the start of the school year.

E. Proof of Vision Screening (Kindergarten Only)

Please provide proof of a vision screen, performed in the last three years.

STEP 4: Print and Complete the following Documents

STEP 5: Visit your student's school and website

Each school may have additional forms and documents that may be required prior to your student's first day of school.  Please click on the school below to see requirements.

STEP 6: Stay Informed

Please sign up to receive email communications from your Student's School and from the School District. This is the major form of communication between the school, district and parents.