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2020 Coronavirus School Closures » NPS COVID-19 School Re-entry Task Force

NPS COVID-19 School Re-entry Task Force

Northville Public Schools has formed a Task Force to evaluate safe solutions for the return to school in the Fall of 2020. This task force is comprised of District administrators, educators, parents, students and healthcare professionals.

The purpose of the NPS COVID-19 School Re-entry Task Force is to research, develop and provide recommendations for a range of potential school re-entry scenarios, based on CDC and MDHHS guidelines to mitigate COVID-19 risks and protect the safety and wellbeing of students, families and staff members while maximizing opportunities for student learning.


The group will use 11 guiding principles while making decisions for recommendations. The principles include a focus on student learning, flexibility to address a range of needs, an understanding that some approaches may not be suitable at all grade levels, and providing multiple options for families and staff.


Three situations in which the Task Force will make considerations include a full open with the addition of safety precautions, a partial open with a blended classroom configuration and additional safety precautions, and a continuation of distance learning with schools remaining close. Considerations for each of these scenarios will be aligned with District Goals.


With the voices of a variety of district and community members heard, Northville Public Schools will navigate this unprecedented situation with a dedication to student learning and mindfulness of the safety of our school families.


Thank you to the Task Force for spending their summer with us and supporting the District as difficult decisions and plans are made. We wish we could start the school year as usual, but unfortunately, we are faced with uncertainty and a need to plan to the best of our ability. We will keep our school families informed throughout the summer through email, the District website, and social media. Stay tuned for more information.


Detailed Information in the Links Below


The following links provide further information, including the weekly progress, each teams’ planning for the various scenarios, survey results, ongoing stakeholder input and resources used by the teams and the District. This information will be updated as it becomes available.

Please click on the arrow to the right of each category to view the information in that section.

COVID-19 Re-entry Task Force Guidance Document 

This document provides the structure under which the task force operates. Included in this comprehensive guide is an overview of the NPS COVID-19 School Re-entry Task Force including background information, charge, guiding principles, district goal alignment, meeting dates and times, a timeline for board recommendation and a list of over 130 committee members. This document also houses the continuously updated resources as they become available from various agencies, states and countries around the world. The task force continues to review all safety guidelines as they consider and develop school re-entry scenarios for the Fall of 2020-2021.

Each scenario team continues to develop a variety of configurations for partial re-entries, where student class sizes would need to be significantly reduced to allow, if required, for greater social distancing and other safety requirements that would not be possible in a full student return scenario. The scenario teams have used a SWOT ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis allowing for a collection of thinking around an identified scenario. The links below provide insight into some of the thinking as the teams continue to work through possible scenarios.


ECEEDP SWOT Scenarios as of 6-22-20 

Elementary SWOT Scenarios as of 6-22-20

Middle School SWOT Scenarios as of 6-22-20

Northville High School SWOT Scenarios as of 6-22-20

Cooke School SWOT Scenarios as of 6-22-20

Coffee Chats were scheduled to answer community questions regarding the work of the Task Force and the planning for Fall, 2020-2021. During these Coffee Chats participants received an overview of the Task Force process, along with the current status of the work. Attendees asked questions or gave comments for the entire Task Force to consider during their continued planning.  The questions and comments received were compiled and grouped together by the moderator so the panelists, who are members of the NPS Re-entry Task Force, could respond.  The following live recordings are available here for your review at your convenience.

Parent/Guardian Coffee Chats:

NPS Staff Coffee Chats:

The following whole group Stakeholder surveys have been conducted and the results of those surveys are available.

NPS Distance Learning Stakeholder Survey Results, May 4, 2020

NPS Parent/Guardian Re-Entry Survey Results, 6/15/2020

COVID-19 Team Planning Tool.

Further descriptions of the individual task force teams can be found in this planning tool.