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Protect MI Child Registry
The Protect MI Child Registry is a free, secure, do-not-contact service where Michigan parents and schools can register e-mail addresses, instant messenger (IM) IDs, mobile text devices (cell phones) and fax numbers that are accessible to children. Once any of these electronic contact points have been registered, senders of adult-oriented prohibited products or services are required by law to remove that electronic address from their mailing lists within 30 days. Sign up here: www.ProtectMIChild.com.

WebConnect Home Page
With links to MISTAR (formerly StudentConnection and ParentConnection), the WebConnect Home Page also contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and instructions for using the service.

MISTAR ParentPortal is a Web application that provides parents with direct access to student data via the Internet. Using a confidential PIN (personal identification number) and password, parents can connect to the school district’s student database using a Web browser and view their child’s data, such as progress reports, attendance records, report cards, transcripts, and more.

Parent Programs
The Northville Council of PTAs coordinates various programs that complement the Northville Public School curriculum, as well as extensive Parent Awareness programs. We welcome parent involvement through the Council or at the school’s local PTSA/PTA.

School Emergencies - The Parent's Role
Providing a safe place for students to learn and grow is one of the most important responsibilities of any school system. Along with school officials, teachers and staff, school families play a critical role in preventing and responding to school emergencies... more...

District Committee Involvement
In addition to many opportunities for parents to be involved at the school level on School Improvement teams, PTA committees, etc., there are often opportunities for participation on District committees. Standing committees include District Curriculum Council, International Baccalaureate Advisory Council and the Health Advisory Board, in addition to periodic committees focused on a specific area or task which may vary from year to year.  District committee information is available under District  Menu item then the Committees tab or you can click here for more information, including the Committee Application Form.

Foreign Exchange Students
NPS recognizes the merit in foreign student exchanges, certain procedures must be followed prior to these students enrolling in any Northville Public School... more...

Student Health Policy
In order to protect students and parents from unfortunate problems resulting from unknown health limitations of students, the Northville Board of Education has adopted the policy recommending that all students enrolling in a middle school or high school for the first time, i.e. fifth graders to the middle school and eighth graders to the high school, should comply with the following... more...