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Family Involvement

Family Involvement -  Board Policy #1250

Family involvement with the schools is necessary to develop shared educational goals, and to have a positive effect on student learning. Families are encouraged to participate in decision making processes through district committees, PTAs, school improvement teams, and other committees deliberating on matters of interest to students and families. Families are also encouraged to visit or observe their child’s classroom or review curriculum and classroom materials without interfering with the rights of other children or families. District teachers and administrators will continuously strive to enhance family involvement through effective home/school communications, by encouraging family participation in classroom activities, and by providing additional opportunities for families to learn about educational issues and the Northville Public Schools.

The Board encourages and expects that parents and guardians will support the education of their child(ren) by:

  • Helping children to value education and understand individual responsibility
  • Emphasizing the importance of attendance, completion of work and compliance with rules of conduct.
  • Providing positive home conditions that support learning and appropriate behavior.
  • Volunteering in the school and for school/district committees.
  • Learning school policies and procedures.
  • Monitoring homework and school-related activities.
  • Serving as an advocate for their child’s educational needs.
  • Contacting teachers and/or administrators and effectively communicating concerns, questions, or suggestions. The Superintendent will develop procedures and practices for the district, which will encourage family participation in classroom, school, and district activities.

Adopted: May, 1996 Reaffirmed: September 28, 1999 Revised: October 8, 2002 Revised: November 8, 2005