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Additional Programs and Services

 Center-Based Programs
The unique educational needs of some students outweigh their need to attend a general education school. These students may attend a Center-Based Program. These are schools that educate children, with similar learning characteristics, from several school districts. The curriculum provided within Center Programs is designed to meet the needs of attending students. The basic curriculum is then individualized for each learner. Besides the comprehensive classroom program, these schools have access to a variety of specialized services needed to meet each child’s unique needs.

The following Center-Based Programs are providers in partnership with other school districts and available for students living within Northville:
Autistically Impaired Burger School: Garden City Public SchoolsPerrinville School, Riley Elementary, Emerson Middle Schools: Livonia Public Schools, 
Dodson and Tonda Elementary Schools: Plymouth-Canton Public Schools
Early-On (Birth through 3 years) Stottlemyer Early On Program: Wayne-Westland Community Schools
Early Childhood Intervention Program (ages 3-5) Thornton Creek Elementary School: Northville Public Schools
Day Treatment (for Emotionally Impaired) Kaselemis Adolescent and Keeler Elementary Day Treatment Centers: Redford Union Schools
Visually Impaired Livonia Public Schools
Hearing Impaired (Total Communication) Dearborn Public Schools
Hearing Impaired (Oral Program) Beech and MacGowan Elementary Schools:Redford Union Schools
Physically or Health Impaired Wayne-Westland Community Schools
Cognitively Impaired Franklin High School, Webster School, Western Wayne Skill Center: Livonia Public Schools
Severely Cognitively Impaired Cooke and Old Village Schools: Northville Public Schools
Severely Multiply Impaired Cooke and Old Village Schools:Northville Public Schools
Dual Diagnosed (Cognitively/Emotionally Impaired) Cooke and Old Village Schools: Northville Public Schools


Homebound/Hospitalized Services
Students may receive a minimum of two non-consecutive hours of instruction per week in their home if they are certified by a licensed physician as having a severe physical or other health impairment preventing school attendance.

The IEPT determines when special transportation arrangements are required for a student.